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Not sure how to choose the right architect for you and your project?...we're here to help.


Is your project a small extension or a much larger commercial project? Does it involve the restoration of a historic building or involve challenging planning issues?


You may want an architect who has lots of experience of projects just like yours or perhaps you would also like to consider architects who, whilst not having such depth of experience in similar projects, do the kind of work you like and show the ability to bring new ideas and creativity to your project.


Whatever it is, we suggest you use the links on this website to take a look at LAWSA practices and their work and make a shortlist of architects whose work seems to offer the design qualities, technical skills and experience your project requires.


Next, contact them describe your project and ask if they are available to accommodate it. If they are, request information that outlines the firm’s qualifications and experience. Ask to see a portfolio of work, or to visit finished buildings. Above all talk to your intended architect; it is important to ensure that you are compatible, that you share a common vision for the project and that you will get on, on a personal level.


Clients often appoint an architect who is known to them or who has been recommended, or whose work they admire. This can be a sound initial response, but a more structured process of selection may be desirable where the match of requirements with the range of skills and services available has to be more precise.




Architect’s fees are charged on the basis of the work they carry out for you. You can select all or part of an architect’s service, ranging from an initial design discussion right through to the final completion of the project on site. As a result fees can be charged in a number of ways, for example: as a percentage of the total construction cost, on time expended, or as a lump sum. Because the type and level of service you wish your architect to provide is so flexible the fee charged will vary. The agreed fee should be a part of the agreement entered into with your architect at his or her appointment.


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The way buildings are designed can fundamentally change the way we feel when we use them.

The way that architects use colour, light and space gives us buildings which lift the spirit.

Good architecture creates buildings which are enjoyable and fun to use.