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DO YOU NEED AN ARCHITECT? you need an architect?'s a good question, to which the answer is a definite yes and we explain why below.


You want to build something so why not just tell a builder what you have in mind and leave them to get on with it? Hopefully, your builder will have excellent organisational and workmanship skills, but he does have his limitations. Only an architect will work with you to find the best design solution for your project. The insight and creative skills of an architect can deliver value well in excess of the fees they charge. They will help you achieve your aspirations and guide you through the design and construction process.




Architects are professional problem solvers. Their experience and insights can help stretch your budget and add value to your property. They might suggest new ways of utilising space and light, find the right tradesman or product at the right price, and propose design solutions that will reduce your bills when the building is up and running. At a fraction of the total cost of your project, an architect’s fees will prove a sound investment.




Perhaps you think the builders will be doing all the hard work once construction starts on site? A daunting mountain of paperwork awaits anyone undertaking a building project but an architect can help make a molehill of it. When you hire an architect, you have someone on your side who knows the construction industry’s working methods and standards and can guide you through all the legislation, regulations and contractual arrangements. They have recognised educational qualifications and have reached the level of experience necessary to be registered with the Architects Registration Board* and so are legally qualified to use the title 'architect'.


The earlier your architect is brought in, the more he or she can help get the project moving, with site studies, securing planning approvals and working out financing.




An architect can lift your project out of the ordinary and turn a functional structure into one that can give pleasure for decades. Whether it’s a modern extension, a period restoration or a new headquarters, there will be architects whose inspiration and ideas will help to realise and even exceed your own ambitions.


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*The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the statutory registration body for architects in the UK. For more information visit

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It is precisely because an architect can overcome or reconcile a wide range of constraints, ranging from design, planning and technical issues that they prove their value.

Good architecture makes a real difference to all our lives.

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